Product Rentals

SafeTech rents components to customers to fill short-term needs.  Components typically available for rental include:

Life Rafts
All SafeTech locations have a selection of life rafts available for rent.  If you need Type I or Type II, 91 or 135 Kits, we likely have a raft to fit your needs.

Please keep in mind that although it may be required, using your own life raft for training purposes is not a good practice. Damage to the valise, hard case shell and equipment in or attached to the raft can negatively affect the recertification process.  The raft itself can be damaged or destroyed from abrasion or oils on the floor or the raft can become porous as a result of the gasses contained in the inflation cylinder.  SafeTech has training rafts available for rental as well.

406 MHz ELT Rentals
Don’t be caught short without the required 406 MHz ELT. All 135 operators are required to have an approved survival type ELT attached to one of the life rafts for extended over water operations. SafeTech can provide a programmed ELT to meet your needs for rental or purchase.